Tamarind Syrup

Tamarind trees give a tropical fruit of a sweet and sour flavor akin to that of lemons, apricots and dates.

Jallab Syrup

Not easy to trace its origin, the drink is from the Levant. It is a perfect drink for summer.

Jallab is made from Dates. Dates contains vitamins, minerals etc... It is digested easily allowing your body to make a full use of their goodness.  


Blackberry Syrup

Blackberries are commonly eaten out of hand.

As for the syrup, it is suggested to drink it in summer as it is a refreshing juice.


Rose Syrup

The simplicity of the rose syrup allows its use in various treats; from sweetening drinks to glazing over desserts.

Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup makes a delicious glaze for pancakes, waffles and ice cream.

Kamardine Syrup

Can be used in cakes and drinks or poured over ice cream and other cold desserts.


Mint Syrup

The essential in freshness, Mint syrup is used to freshen a glass of lemon or a cocktail, or stir it into cream for a dessert coating.

Almond Syrup

Almond syrup is used to flavor many cocktails, perhaps the most famous of which is the Mai Tai.

Lemon Substitute

A zesty replacement for lemon juice that brings you closer to the fruit’s refreshing taste.

Lemon substitute is a basic souring element in all cuisines.


Pomegranate Molasses

Pomegranate molasses are used to season a variety of hot and cold dishes such as beef, chicken, eggs, mixed greens and leafy vegetables...


Rose Water

One of the oldest and most known flavors among the many cultures of the world.

Rose water is added to flavor different desserts all over the world like Turkish delights and Persian Beklava…

Kadi Water

Due to its distinct smell, Arab ancestry used Kadi water for multiple purposes related to their culture such as perfuming a bride’s dress, house and bed.

Kadi water is used to flavor drinking water and food. It is extracted from Kadi trees found in KSA, Yemen and Hawaii.


Orange Blossom Water

Orange blossom water is a primary component of the famous Lebanese caffeine free White Coffee.

It is added to fruits juices for a refreshing taste and is a prominent flavoring ingredient in Middle Eastern desserts such as Baaklava...


Black Olives

Black olives are left to mature before being harvested and soaked in a salty brine which give way to a juicier product.

Green Olives

After harvesting, green olives are soaked in a salty brine for several months for preservation and optimum taste.

Mixed Pickles

Mixed pickles are mostly used in the Middle Eastern region and Levant cuisines as an appetizer or add-on to local dishes and sandwiches for a sharp juicy taste.



Pepper Pickles

Pickled peppers are preserved in brines with vinegar and salt mixed with spices and herbs. It tastes tangy and sharp.

Sliced Pink Turnip

Turnip was a main diet for the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Till this day, they have plenty of uses in the kitchen. Turnips can be added to salads, and mixed with cherry tomatoes and olives to make a delicious appetizer.


Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplant is a vegetable valued for its beauty as well as its unique taste and texture.

The story of the Eggplant started in India and cultivated in China in the 5th century B.C.

Wild Cucumber Pickles

Naturally thinner and lighter in color, wild cucumbers are a twist to the traditional pickled cucumbers with their sweeter taste.

Apple Vinegar

For years, Vinegar has been used for domestic and cooking purposes. It is used for seasoning dishes, hot and cold.

Grape Vinegar

For years, vinegar has been used as a handy disinfectant and cooking aid for flavoring and preservation.

Tomato Paste

Tomatoes are a nutritious fruit that comprise the base of tomato paste; a sauce extensively used in the Mediterranean region originating from the Italian cuisine.

Tomato paste is prepared by cooking tomatoes for several hours to reduce their moisture content, and then straining them out of their skin and seeds. The mixture is then further cooked to form a thick and concentrated paste.


Falafel is a traditional Egyptian and Middle Eastern food that is highly nutritious with its grinded fava beans, chickpeas and secret spices. 




 In addition to it's delicious taste, Cocoa has alot of health benefits.


The term "moughly" in Arabic refers to a substance that has been left to boil for a substantial period of time.



 Mouhalabiye is an Arabic dessert of a delicate flavor and moderate sweetness.


Sahlab is a starchy flour isolated from a type of Orchid flower, it is responsible for the drink's creaminess.

Strawberry Custard

Custard's distinguished texture is due to the gelatinization of starch while heating.

The strawberry flavored dessert can be enjoyed with fresh fruits and pistachio as well.


Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Fried Pickles With Spicy Ranch


Established in 1990 in Deir Koubel, Aley, FPP (Food Processing and Packaging) gave way to the creation of Jana Lubnan that catered a different range of categories that is segmented to satisfy each market’s need. Our range of products varies from syrups, molasses, and sweet powder desserts to vinegars, olives, pickles and tomato paste…

Wild Cucumber Pickles
Pomegranate Molasses
Lemon Substitute


Established in 1990 in Deir Koubel, Aley, FPP gave way to the creation of Jana Lubnan that catered a different range of categories that is segmented to satisfy each market’s need. Our range of products varies from syrups, molasses, and sweet powder desserts to vinegar, olives, pickles and tomato paste…

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