It All Goes Back To The Roots


Jana Lubnan came out of our love for good food and sense of belonging to the authentic taste of the Lebanese cuisine. When we first initiated this venture, it started simple, limited and modest. Our dedication and persistence for quality expanded our business to successfully penetrate and settle in several markets. We fulfill consumer needs by extending our category list based on local strategies respectively to each market.

The development of the food industry throughout the years exposed people to a wider range of goods, brands, promotions and offers which lifted the competition to another level. Consumers have become more aware and selective when purchasing foodstuff hence raising the challenge in providing “quality & taste” at competitive cost, conserving ultimate hygiene & safety standards.

We constantly strive to cater for the authentic Lebanese taste and quality that take us back to the days when nature was the only source of our food supply. Till today, we are keen to keep up with the food trend development updating our strategy and plans based on external changes and factors. With the collaboration of international distributors, Jana Lubnan aims to spread its unique taste and high quality to every continent.

Last but not least, our journey wouldn’t have been successful without the support of our partners, distributors, and team; I would like to thank each for their valuable involvement with the aim of building even more fruitful businesses with our future associates.

Ali Abdel Latif
CEO Jana Lubnan



Established in 1990 in Deir Koubel, Aley, FPP (Food Processing and Packaging) gave way to the creation of Jana Lubnan that catered a different range of categories that is segmented to satisfy each market’s need. Our range of products varies from syrups, molasses, and sweet powder desserts to vinegars, olives, pickles and tomato paste…

Jana Lubnan is constantly developing its operation to conform to the latest food safety management systems with the support of the Quality Control and Assurance department, perfectly adhering to internationally renowned safety standards. Jana Lubnan successfully developed its operation from a modest factory to a full-scale production.


FPP (Food Processing and Packaging) has implemented the food safety management system and was certified with ISO 22000:2005 and FSSC 22000. On the other hand FPP is HALAL certified. 



Our mission is to be proactive and at the forefront of the rapidly changing food market by being ahead of the competition and keeping up with the evolvement of our consumer needs, catered respectively to each market.


Our vision is to expand over the 5 continents, targeting locals, Arab diaspora and Mediterranean food lovers. Jana Lubnan aims to penetrate potential markets with high demand and to cater products based on each market’s needs.